Finding Hope. free online counseling.

We know first hand the stigma, challenges, and cost that are associated with mental health. We are here to help change that. We want to come alongside you to provide an opportunity for you to take the first steps, or continue your journey, to find ways to manage your mental health.

OutLining the process

BTTT will provide 3 Free months of Betterhelp service to anyone that is seeking support. (Betterhelp Limitations: Have to be 18 and anyone who is currently suicidal will not be accepted call the crisis hotline 800-273-8255)

24 hour access
text or video
Licensed Counselors
Free, no cost

What you can expect


Fill out the form and submit it to BTTT


BTTT adds your email to Betterhelp to extend 3 free months of service.


You will receive an email from Betterhelp with a signup link and an explanation of the service.


Create an account and answer some questions to be matched with a therapist


Get matched and start using the service


BTTT will follow up with an email within 90 days with a survey and opportunity to extend service if wanted.

However big or small your challenges may be, we are here to support you.

So let’s take the first steps together.

If you are seeking support for a minor please fill out the form and let us know and we will follow up with options and opportunities to help support you. We are always working on finding ways to support those in need.

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“I have needed to try therapy for a long time, but due to financial restraints, I never felt I could afford it. I lost my job due to Covid and felt I could no longer put off dealing with my mental health, and having this resource has given me so much hope to be able to try therapy for the first time and not be so worried that I cannot afford it. Thank you so much.”

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