Building Community By Supporting Each OTHER

Are you seeking community? Looking to build up your toolbox to support your own mental health?  Well look no further. Bigger Than The Trail is excited to start offering Peer to Peer led support groups. These groups will be facilitated by trained peers with the goal of creating a space to connect, and grow together.

OutLining GrOUPS

These are support groups for individuals navigating mental health and mental wellness. These are a safe place where you can get support and connect with others. You do not have to be diagnosed with any specific illness to be here, but many people in our groups do have a mental health diagnoses. Anyone who wants to connect or find supports in others is welcome here.

These are not therapy groups. These are not a substitute for psychiatric care or psychotherapy or medical treatment. The group is guided by a peer facilitator and not by a licensed professional. These groups are not designed to diagnose or treat mental illness, but is a group of mutual support and community.

If you are experiencing symptoms that appear to need to be addressed by a healthcare professional or are a danger to yourself or others, the facilitator will encourage you to seek a higher level of support and get the care you need.
By registering for these groups, you assert to having read and understood the above information and support group rules.

If you need immediate support, please call 988 for mental health crisis services or 911 for emergency services.


Our groups are a safe and welcoming environment for all. In an effort to
ensure all participants feel secure, valued and respected, everyone will
follow these rules as well as any rules shared by your facilitators


Groups will be held every Monday night starting May 8th 2023 at 7:00pm Central via Zoom. We are asking you to have reviewed this page and agree to the rules stated above. By registering below it will help our facilitators plan and we will make sure you have the Zoom invite

We look forward to building community together.

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